The extraction of sugar from various sources is an intense procedure and is evidently demanding. At R.P Alloys we fulfill the need for trustworthy and quality casting solutions for the sugar industry with our time-tested and highly proven solutions. With decades of extensive experience and expertise in offering robust solutions for the sugar industry, we have established ourselves as industry leaders.

R.P Alloys & Steel Forgings is a leading supplier of finished machined castings and forgings to the sugar industry. Our extensive range of solutions and our proficiency in producing custom solutions for maximum performance makes us a trusted partner to sugar manufacturing industries.


We are the leading manufacturers of heavy castings in the sugar industry. We manufacture
various products for the sugar industry such as crown pinions, top caps, side caps,
inlet cones, mill headstock, and bull gear & pinions.


Headstocks are the parts of a sugar mill which comprise of sugar mill rollers and trash plate assembly. All forces exerted by sugar mill rollers while working come to mill headstocks…

Crown Pinion

Each sugar roller in headstock is fitted with cast steel crown pinion for transmission of power from the gear reducer. The pinions shall have special crown type module of appropriate size of which the teeth would be machine hob cut using specialized hobbing machines…

Girth Gear

R.P Alloys offers a variety of options for multi-segmented gears and is the ideal destination to procure girth gears for AG, SAG, ball mill, and crushing applications. Engineered in segments of various limits…


Forged shafts are mainly used with rollers or pinions in kilns and grinding mills. We can machine shafts up to 15 meters in length and 1.25 meters in diameter…


Pinion gears can be supplied individually or as spares or with complete assembly. Using our global, in-house manufacturing capabilities, we deliver high torque, high precision integral…

Bearing Housing

Bearing housings support bearings, protecting them from contaminants while keeping them in lubricant. It can also house monitoring equipment…